This year the O&L Group celebrates 100 years (NBL celebrates its 100 years in 2020). It is also the end of an eight-year strategy cycle directed by the 2019 vision. Although we did not achieve all the targets according to the breakthrough metrics as a Group, we have made significant progress over this period in Creating a Future, Enhancing Life.

The new Group strategy and targets will be announced in October following many months of preparation with the assistance of GAP International.

For the new cycle, the Group involved all companies and employees, asking them where they would like to see O&L by 2025. They were invited to submit ideas about what to improve in their teams.

Some of these big ideas will be incorporated into the final strategy. We believe this process drives ownership, an understanding of individual contributions and a sense of destiny.

Our breakthrough approach will continue to drive team behaviour daily, and the new Group leadership teams will ensure that we question assumptions and perceptions along the way.

Strategic outcomes

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