As a key stakeholder in this economy, we are prepared to work closely with other stakeholders, particularly Government, to address challenges head-on.

Sven Thieme, Chairperson

Our stakeholders are those individuals or groups who can be affected by NBL’s business activities, outputs or outcomes, or who can significantly affect NBL’s ability to create value over time. They are the people for whom we are Creating a Future, Enhancing Life.

Our purpose and three strategic outcomes were all formulated with our stakeholders in mind. Our values define how we behave towards stakeholders and how we do business with them.

We take every opportunity to integrate stakeholder engagement into the business. The Group Policy on Stakeholder Engagement includes the following aims:

  • To create a receptive, informed and business-friendly political, social and regulatory environment within which we can best achieve our strategic and commercial objectives
  • To ensure that stakeholder engagement is practised in a proactive, strategic and responsible manner, in line with our values
  • To communicate our contribution to society while leveraging key reputation drivers
  • To remove barriers to trade and overcome challenges
  • To ensure the consistency and continuity of corporate social investment activities across the Group
  • To provide a framework for the allocation of resource

We want to:

  • enhance the lives and well-being of the societies in which we operate;
  • enhance business sustainability by contributing to broader socio-economic upliftment and the betterment of the society within which we operate;
  • enhance business sustainability by improving and maintaining stakeholder loyalty and support; and
  • position the Group as a truly committed and caring corporate citizen.

We consider the impact on our stakeholder groups and the interdependencies we create throughout our value chain in everything we do. Our major stakeholder groups are: