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Powered by Namibia Breweries Limited, Cab App service ‘LEFA’ is officially launched

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In response to the national concern of the alarming rate of road accidents, and fatalities on Namibian roads, Cab App service, LEFA – proudly supported and powered by Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group was officially launched on Tuesday, 20 February 2018.

“Road fatalities in Namibia is a national concern and touches each and every one of us. Sadly, drunk-driving is one of the major causes of road accidents in the country,” said founder of ‘LEFA’, Melkisedek Shivute Ausiku, affectionately known as “Melkies” at the official launch. He added that the birth of this cab service was born from a place of concern and care for his fellow Namibian people, as well as for the future of the country. Ausiku: “With so many people dying on our roads, this greatly affects the growth of our country and economy. But even more so, it affects and greatly impacts the lives of so many people who lose a loved one. The LEFA Cab App is solely brought to life as contribution to curbing this unfortunate reality. The word “LEFA” is derived from the Oshiwambo word for lift. LEFA was inspired by my passion to solve problems such as the bad habit of driving under the influence of alcohol. It is my wish that patriots who engage in social gatherings where the consumption of alcohol is imminent should make use of a convenient service such as LEFA, instead of driving under the influence of alcohol.”

Speaking at the launch, NBL Managing Director, Wessie van der Westhuizen emphasized on how LEFA speaks directly to NBL’s Stay Cool, Enjoy Responsibility’ campaign. Van der Westhuizen: “All this is done with the aim of addressing this national catastrophe that begs a change of mind-set, behaviour and attitude of motorists and other road-users to complement the great infrastructure such as our roads. Perhaps it is the fact that we seemingly have too many vehicles on our road, especially in a relatively small city like Windhoek where accidents happen on a daily basis. It is my hope therefore that LEFA would become every bit as much a part of your daily routine as a morning cup of coffee or a glance at your Facebook/Twitter or Instagram feeds. I believe the burst of LEFA onto the transportation scene brings with it incredible opportunities and efficiencies. NBL is proud to be associated with this venture and we extend our heartfelt congratulations on the launch of LEFA and a very successful partnership! We look forward to the positive difference LEFA will make in the lives of residents of the Windhoek city and beyond, and we welcome any constructive feedback to enable LEFA to become the trusted and successful brand it is destined to be.”

LEFA currently has 11 drivers and according to Melkies aim to have at least 50 drivers over the next month. The App is officially available for download and ready for service. The App is only effective in Windhoek at the moment, while according to Melkies plans are underway, with hopes and endeavours that soon the service will be spread to other towns in the country. Melkies: “A fee to ensure your safety and that of others, is better than ending up behind bars, or in a hospital bed, or in a grave. LEFA could play such a significant role in curbing drunk-driving if we all just embrace this service available for the better. Our slogan is punctual, safe and reliable, and we intend to be committed as best we can, on this journey of contributing to safer roads in the city, and ultimately in Namibia.”

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