NBL is one of the leading beverage-manufacturing companies in Namibia. The Company produces beer and carbonated soft drinks (Softs), with beer constituting 94.0% of total volumes sold. NBL products are exported to 14 countries outside of Namibia and South Africa.

NBL leads the domestic beer market and holds a significant share of the premium beer category in southern Africa. It is the only large-scale commercial brewery in Africa that brews in accordance with the German Reinheitsgebot (“Purity Law”) of 1516, which requires the exclusive use of three ingredients – malted barley, hops and water.

NBL creates value by producing non-alcoholic products, for all consumers, and alcoholic products for a wide range of adult consumer segments at a spread of price points. Its distribution network supports product availability, and market research tests consumer relevance and satisfaction.

NBL’s commitment to the Reinheitsgebot provides consumers with a guarantee of quality and the use of safe, natural ingredients. Through responsible drinking initiatives, NBL creates awareness of potential social harm that can result from irresponsible alcohol use.

Employee facts

Number of employees


2016: 740

Non-Namibians as % of employees


2016: 1.33%

Employee turnover


2016: 6.51%

Lost time injury frequency rate


2016: 1