NBL’s purpose-driven partnerships

NBL’s partnerships with its stakeholders are built on a common purpose and aligned values.

From its experience with partnerships, NBL believes that success is an outcome of mutual and shared objectives, two-way communication, complementary strengths and a good understanding of each other’s business.

In its 2016 integrated report, NBL highlighted the strong and rewarding strategic partnerships it has with its stakeholders. As part of its current reporting journey, NBL aims to demonstrate why these partnerships are critical to its long-term success.

While partnerships remain a key component and driver of breakthrough results, NBL recognises that its success cannot happen in isolation.

As part of the O&L Group, and inspired by the purpose of Creating a Future, Enhancing Life, these partnerships, in turn, place an obligation on NBL to operate its business in a way that creates value for all.

For example, NBL has partnered with smaller redistributors for many years, thereby assisting them in formalising and growing their businesses through quarterly incentive schemes. In the informal market, NBL also facilitates outlet licensing, and supports shebeen owners with point-of-sale material and advertising. These initiatives are mutually beneficial: NBL increases its market footprint and awareness of its brands, while traders grow their business and number of customers.

Ultimately, NBL aims to contribute to the social, economic and environmental well-being of Namibia. This goal underpins NBL’s business operations and partnership approach.

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Creating a Future,
Enhancing Life
1 Economy

As a true Namibian corporate citizen, NBL identifies and invests in national business opportunities. Many of NBL’s partnerships support common and national goals such as job creation and economic empowerment. For example, NBL has committed to developing a local barley industry that contribute to social development and upliftment of communities located within suitable irrigation areas.

2 Environment

NBL is aware of the impact its operations can have on the environment. The Company therefore conducts its business in an environmentally responsible way. NBL is invested in reducing its water and energy consumption and the amount of waste from its production processes through, among others, its rooftop solar plant, biomass boiler and CO2 recovery plant. NBL also supports campaigns to expand public awareness of good environmental practices.

3 Society

NBL’s purpose is central to its business decisions. The Company therefore continuously consults its stakeholders to find better ways of managing its social impacts. This includes ongoing engagement with Government to ensure sustainable alignment on the challenges facing Namibia. NBL’s condom distribution project and DRINKiQ programme are examples of how the Company is Bringing Sustainability Everywhere, Impacting the World.